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All Lexington County School District Three schools will dismiss early on Friday, December 19.  Times for dismissal are as follows:  B-L Primary 11:45 pm.; B-L Elementary 12 noon; B-L Middle 12:35 p.m.; and B-L High 12:25 p.m.

Lexington County School District Three students will observe Christmas Break December 20 through January 6.  Students will return to classes on Wednesday, January 7.  Employees will return to work on Monday, January 5 for a Teacher Workday and Professional Development Day on January 6. 

  District News  
District News
Batesburg Leesville Elementary School to Launch Innovative STEM Program with Support from Verizon
      Students at BL Elementary School (BLES) will soon collaborate with student mentors from Batesburg Leesville High School on a project that will focus on science and engineering practices while they explore how going green can impact the planet. 
     BLES has been awarded a $20,000 Verizon Innovate Learning Grant.  It is one of 80 public schools across the country to receive a grant this year as part of Verizon Foundation’s investment to help provide teachers with the resources they need to use technology more innovatively and effectively to engage students in science, technology, engineering and math.
     Fifth grade students will partner with students from BL High School’s Mechatronics program to compete in a Maker Faire event and LEGO Green City Challenge.  Each student team will design a recycled racer, compete with the racer, and present the team findings.  A Maker Faire Event for the community will showcase the projects.  Fifth grade teachers will also have the opportunity to work with a facilitator from the S2TEM Center SC to plan, implement, and evaluate the project.  The S2TEM Center SC is a non-profit network of education specialists who focused on economic developments through K-12 STEM education.
“We created the Verizon Innovate Learning Grants to stimulate STEM initiatives in schools across the country, and we are pleased to support the Batesville Leesville Elementary project,” said Julie Smith, vice president of external affairs for Verizon’s South region.   “The program exemplifies the type of initiatives that will expose students to STEM fields and offer them hands-on, project-based learning opportunities that will help increase their interest and achievement in STEM.”
The significant demand for STEM-educated workers has been well documented in recent years, and a 2014 report found that the STEM job market is even larger than had been reported previously.
Angie Rye, Chief Academic Officer for Lexington School District Three said,  “We couldn’t be more excited for our students to have this opportunity.    We know it is important to expose students to STEM subjects and encourage them to explore careers in STEM fields, but more importantly we want to provide students with classroom experiences that mirror the work environments of the 21st Century.  We also look forward to the collaboration that will occur between our students at the elementary school and student mentors from the Mechatronics classes at BL High.”
The Verizon Innovate Learning Grants program is part of Verizon’s commitment to the Obama administration’s ConnectED initiative, under which Verizon is providing up to $100 million in cash and in-kind contributions to drive student achievement, especially in STEM subjects.
To view a list of schools that received Verizon Innovate Learning Grants, visit  http://www.thinkfinity.org/innovateaward/docs/innovate-learning-grant-recipients-14-15.pdf
Send-Off for the B-L High Band
 Forty-one members of the Batesburg-Leesville High Band and 14 chaperones will depart from Batesburg-Leesville High School parking lot on Saturday, December 27th between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. to travel to Charlotte where they will board their flight for London England to participate in the New Year’s Day Parade.  The band members and their families would greatly appreciate it if members of the community were on hand to provide them with a great send off as they travel to London to represent not only our school district, but community and state as well. 
Band Director Dustin King is talking with WLTX TV to see if they will cover the parade on their station, but nothing has been finalized yet.  However, the parade will definitely be online at www.Inydp.com.
The Band will return home on Sunday evening, January 3.
Hope to see you at Batesburg-Leesville High School parking lot on Saturday, December 27 at 1:30 p.m. to show support for these talented musicians as they travel to London.

Lexington County School District Three’s superintendent Dr. J. Chester Floyd announced to the district’s Board of Trustees tonight that he will leave the district after six years of service on June 30, 2015. Dr. Floyd came to Lexington Three in August, 2009 to serve as interim superintendent and was named superintendent in November 2009.

Dr. Floyd began his career in public education 50 years ago as a math and physics teacher and basketball coach. In the ensuing years, he has served as a principal and assistant superintendent for personnel and for instruction. Thirty-eight years ago, he assumed his first job as a superintendent in Florence 5-Johnsonville and served there for 11 years; then in Lexington One for 9 years; and 12 years in Berkeley County, where he retired in 2009.

“I have grown so fond of this district (Lexington 3) and the outstanding employees that make it a wonderful place to work for children,” stated Dr. Floyd. “It has been my pleasure to serve as superintendent of this district and I look forward to watching them continue to make educating children a top priority.”

Since coming to Lexington 3, Dr. Floyd has worked closely with the Board and administrators to increase the rigor in classrooms and enhance the facilities and technology of the district.

Board members accepted Dr. Floyd’s request to have a new superintendent in place by July 1, 2015 and all Board members stated their appreciation for the time Dr. Floyd has given to Lexington Three and thanked him for his service. They also commended him for his leadership to both the students and the employees of the district.

According to the Board, they will wait until after the holidays to make a decision on their plan of action for selecting a new superintendent for the district of 2000 students and 335 employees. “We want to have ample time to consider all of our options and want to make the best choice for our new superintendent, “cited Board Chairman, Craig Caughman. “Our next superintendent will have some very large shoes to fill and we want to make sure we get the right person for the job.”

Batesburg-Leesville High School 2015 senior superlatives have been selected.  They are as follows:
Best All Around – Jill Derrick and Taylor Jackson

Most Likely to Succeed – Melvonia Taylor and Jordan Eidson
Most Intellectual – Karlee Mabus, Britt Taylor and Clint Harmon
Most Dependable – Shakeyma Irving and Alex Shealy
Most Athletic – Keri Gates and Paul McKeiver
Most Talented – Bailey Dawkins and Michael Hall
Most School Spirit – Jena Temples and Hunter Rauton
Best Dressed – Kiani Gates and Janeius Haltiwanger
Best Looking – Presley Mabus and Mitchell Cobb
Wittiest – Zaria Smith and Donte Johnson
Best Hair – Brea Hall and Daniel Burton
Technology Genius –  Kimmie Glandon and Malik Brown
The combined choruses of Batesburg-Leesville Middle School will present “Forever Christmas,” their annual Christmas program, on Thursday, December 11 at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center. 
The program will begin with each grade performing several selections including TTB and SSA Clinic music.  The students will then present the warm and wonderful holiday revue.
Make plans to attend this wonderful Christmas event.  Admission is $2 and may be paid at the door.
Christopher Owings, a professional baseball payer with the Arizona Diamondbacks, recently visited Batesburg-Leesville Primary School’s Just Say No Club and shared information with the second graders about the importance of setting goals and working to achieve those goals throughout their lives.  Owings encouraged the students to work hard in their studies and to pursue their interests while they are in school.  He also stressed the importance of having a caring adult to talk to about their choices.
Christopher is a 2009 graduate of Gilbert High and his mom, Sherri is a K4 teacher at B-L Primary School. 
The Batesburg-Leesville High Band, its Band Boosters and its Director, Dustin King, wish to express their heartfelt thanks to all individuals and businesses that provided financial assistance during their London trip fundraising campaign.  For over a year, the band members and boosters have worked diligently to raise the money needed to allow the band members to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Forty-one members B-L High Band and fourteen chaperones will leave on December 27 and travel to London, England to participate in the 2015 London New Year’s Day Parade.  The parade will begin at 12 noon on January 1 and will be broadcast by BBC to 300 million people around the world.  One million people will be on hand in London to watch the 16 American bands, including B-L High, march in the parade.
“There are no words to express how much the Batesburg-Leesville High Band appreciate all of the donations that have been provided by our community and others to make this trip a reality, “stated Mr. King.  “Through the hard work of the students, their parents and our Band Boosters, we have met the goal and those students who expressed interest in participating in this trip, will now have that opportunity.  We are so excited about the trip and having the opportunity to march in the parade and we will do our best to make our community proud of us.”
On Thursday, December 4, the Batesburg-Leesville Middle and High School Bands will present their winter concert, which is called “London Send Off Concert.”  The concert will be held in the Fine Arts Center and will begin at 7 p.m.  Admission is free and the public is encouraged to attend.  The B-L High Band will present music by American and British composers and the concert will conclude with a performance by the London New Year’s Day Parade band members.

Batesburg-Leesville Primary School has been selected to participate in the Special Olympics Project UNIFY program during the 2014-15 academic school year.  The school will receive $700 from the program in order to purchase supplies and equipment, transportation invoices, and School Resource Kits. Johnna Harbert, Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Visually Impaired students, wrote the grant for the school.  Mrs. Harbert, along with fellow teachers Haley McGlohorn, Erin McQuade and Tristin Padgett and their students will work together during the year to implement Project UNIFY at the school.
Special Olympics Project UNIFY is built upon the premise that in order to have the greatest impact, the change process needs to start with young people.  Project UNIFY brings youth with and without intellectual disabilities together through education and sports and related initiatives that provide them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to create and sustain school communities that promote the acceptance, respect and human dignity for all students.  Project UNIFY is made up of three main components:
  • Inclusive Sports and Fitness – provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to participate in sports activities alongside one another, which Project UNIFY has found to be among the most conducive activity for breaking down stereotypes.
  • Youth Leadership & Advocacy – provides students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to take on leadership roles in promoting Project UNIFY activities in the school and community.
  • Whole School Engagement – provides opportunities for all students in the school to participate in Project UNIFY through school-wide activities.
It is the combination of these unique components that provides the most opportunity for creating positive school climates and to ensuring that all students, particularly those with intellectual disabilities, become part of the social fabric of the school.
Batesburg-Leesville Primary School has selected several activities that students and faculty members will participate in throughout this school year.  They include:
  • Special education staff conducted disability awareness training with regular education teachers.
  • Regular education first grade students are participating in a reversed mainstream recess with students in self-contained classrooms weekly.  All of the students will keep a weekly journal about their experiences.
  • Students with and without intellectual disabilities will eat lunch together as part of a “Lunch Buddies” program.
  • There will be a school-wide campaign to end the use of the “R” word.
  • Regular education students will serve as training partners for the spring Special Olympics games.
Project UNIFY is currently offered in 2,100 schools across 42 states and as many as 500,000 young people experiencing Project UNIFY activities and projects, including 21,000 Special Olympics athletes and 11,000 youth leaders.
The challenges that face all young students today are many, from achieving personal and academic success to feeling emotionally and physically healthy and safe.  These challenges are compounded for some students due to the presence of an intellectual disability.  Although progress has been made by many educational systems, including the US, in promoting the physical and instructional inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities (ID), there are still staggering social challenges for these students that compromise their social and emotional well-being.  Students with ID experience negative attitudes from their peers, social isolation and rejection, and even victimization in the form of bullying.  Project UNIFY is designed to bring all students together through social, athletic and academic interaction so that they can learn from each other and develop personal relationships that will last long after their time together in the Project UNIFY program has passed.
Through Project UNIFY, regular education and self-contained students at B-L Primary have already formed bonds of friendship and the admiration of both groups for each other is amazing.  The students work as a team during their interaction and have found common ground in the projects provided to them by their teachers.  Thirteen students from Haley McGlohorn’s first grade class  engage in numerous activities with Tristin Padgett’s students on a weekly basis and have become friends, not only during their scheduled time together, but also during other times in the school day.
“It is so important that we teach all of our students to be accepting of each other and to work and play together,” stated Mrs. Harbert.  “Through Project UNIFY, we hope to instill in the participants the ability to look past someone’s inabilities and look for their possibilities.  By doing this, our students will learn acceptance and tolerance for all people.”

 With the passage of ACT 155 by the State Legislature, there is now a procedure in place for students to receive a high school diploma who did not receive a high school diploma due solely to not meeting the HSAP Exit Exam requirement.  Below you will find Lexington County School District Three’s process for students who wish to petition for a high school diploma.  Batesburg-Leesville High School guidance secretary, Dot Minick, is the district designee and all questions should be directed to her.  Mrs. Minick’s phone number is 803-532-9251.  Mrs. Minick will handle all requests and she is also the designee who will correspond directly with the South Carolina Department of Education regarding all requests.

 Lexington School District Three

Act 155 Diploma Granting Procedure

 ·         A person no longer enrolled in a public school who was denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirements (S.C. Code Section 59-18-310(B)) may petition the local school board of trustees to determine his or her eligibility to receive a high school diploma. Pursuant to Act 155, the local school board of trustees of the district where the person completed graduation requirements will receive the petition, determine the person’s eligibility to receive a high school diploma, and request a diploma.

·         The exit examination requirement (BSAP, HSAP) has been in place since the 1989-1990 school year, therefore, Act 155 provisions will be applicable for former students beginning with the Class of 1990. The former student receiving a diploma under the ACT 155 provision should have met all graduation requirements except passing the exit exam for the year the student would have graduated.   All petitions are required to be filed by December 31, 2015.

·         Once the petition request is received by the district, the district designee will review the academic record for each student and determine if all graduation requirements except the previous exit exam requirement are in compliance with Act 155 of 2014.

·         Each Act 155 Diploma Request submitted to the district contact person must contain complete information for each diploma request. Due to Family Education Rights and Privacy Act guidelines, all requests for students age 18 and older must be signed by the student.  Petition requests must  include: school district name, high school name, date request submitted, full name of student as appears on birth certificate, and the school year the student would have graduated from high school.

·         The South Carolina Department of Education will forward a diploma request for each person on the Act 155 Diploma Request to the printer (Herff Jones), following a procedure similar to the one currently in place for ordering initial diplomas. Completed diplomas will be mailed to the district contact person. Please allow at least three to four weeks for production and delivery to the district. The diploma issued will be a current state diploma at the time of printing.

 Please submit written petitions to:

 Batesburg-Leesville High School

Attention:  Dot Minick

Guidance Office

600 Summerland Avenue

Batesburg, SC 29006

 Questions can also be directed to Dot Minick at (803) 532-9251.


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